Giurgiulesti Free Economic Zone Giurgiulesti Free Economic Zone

Investment Opportunities

There are numerous investment opportunities in such businesses as Agriculture and Food Processing, Assembly and Manufacturing, Logistics as well as Business Process Outsourcing/ ICT.

Agriculture and Food Processing
Moldova possesses over 2.5 million hectares of highly fertile agricultural land and sufficient water resources to assure high land productivity. This, together with the favorable climacteric conditions and the predominantly well-educated and inexpensive work force, as well as the free trade regimes, forms an absolute background for investing in agribusiness.
Assembly and Manufacturing
The combination of well-educated, inexpensive workforce and leveraging free trade agreements calls for profitability in labor intensive industries (i.e. automotive suppliers, textile industry etc) and in industries that are affected by trade barriers to the EU and CIS markets.
Moldova serves as:

Business Process Outsourcing / ICT

Due to the leveraging, well educated, inexpensive labor force G-FEZ becomes attractive to such businesses as: